shenzhen fuhuidayu electronics co., ltd.


shenzhen fuhuidayu electronics co., ltd.

Shenzhen Fu Hui Da Yu Co., Ltd , is a professional supplier of Opto-Couplers, LED light emitting devices, The product is widely used in intelligent wearable, automotive electronics, photovoltaic, energy storage, industrial control, digital consumption, security monitoring, power management, instrumentation, LED lighting, household appliances and other application fields.

We are the priority supplier of Opto-coupler 817 and leading the first rank of market share in the whole Series. Under the great supports from our long term customers and our valuable partners, our company has established strategic cooperation and relationships with Bright Led Electronics Corp. of Taiwan, Orient Technology Co., Ltd of Shenzhen, EVERLIGHT, LIGHTNING,TWS, QUNXIN of Suzhou, and QUNXIN of the United States, and further expanded the scopes and varieties of our product lines , which obviously could provide advanced and favourable supports and services , for both our current and our potential customers


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