shenzhen fuhuidayu electronics co., ltd.


shenzhen fuhuidayu electronics co., ltd.

Shenzhen Fuhui Dayu Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of optoelectronic couplers, LED patch lamps, secondary and tertiary tubes, bridge stacks and other electronic components. The products are widely used in intelligent crossing, automotive electronics, digital consumption, security monitoring, power management, instrumentation, LED lighting, household appliances and other applications. The company is the industry's preferred supplier of optocoupler 817 products, and its market share ranks first in the industry. With customer accumulation and strong support from industry peers, the company has established strategic cooperative relations with Taiwan BaiHong, Shenzhen Orient, Jiangsu Yutai and other companies, further expanding the scope and types of product lines, providing favorable support and services for existing customers and potential market development.


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