The company conforms to the melody of green, low-carbon and environmental protection, meets the needs of the times, provides consumers with high-quality, safe, clean and energy-saving products, and at the same time, is committed to advocating and creating a harmonious and friendly way of life with the environment to create environmentally friendly and energy-saving LED and other optoelectronic products.

Special formulation of the following quality policies, as the direction of joint efforts of the company's entire staff.

Quality assurance:

1.While providing the society with first-class, environmentally friendly and low-carbon products, we will do our best to reduce the negative impact of products on the environment in activities and services.

2.Green Manufacturing, Green Operation, Green Marketing, Green Supply Chain.

3.Implement lean management, improve the centralized utilization rate of production equipment and reduce energy consumption.

4.Implementing environmental responsibility and improving environmental protection system.

5.Commitments to comply with environmental laws, regulations and other requirements.