Important breed - opticalcoupler

Since there are many types and models of photoelectric couplers, they can be classified as follows:

(1) according to the optical path, can be divided into external optical photoelectric coupler (also known as photoelectric discontinuous detector) and internal optical photoelectric coupler.

(2) according to the input form, it can be divided into:

A. photosensitive device input type, including photosensitive diode input type, photosensitive triode input type, photocell input type, photocontrolled silicon input type, etc.

B. NPN triode input type, including interchangeable input type, complementary input type, etc.

C. Darlington triode input type, including interchangeable input type.

D. Logic gate input type, including gate input type, three-state gate input type, etc.

E, low conduction input type (input low level millivolt order of magnitude).

F, optical switch input type (on resistance xiao yu 10 Ω).

G, power input (IGBT/MOSFET).

(3) according to the packaging form, dual alignment, TOT packaging type, flat V type, stick L piece type, and optical fiber Z type.

(4) according to the transmission flag light, it can be divided into digital optocoupler (OC gate input type, totem pole input type and three-state gate input type, etc.) and linear optocoupler (low drift type, dual power supply type, etc.).

(5) according to the speed, can be divided into low speed photoelectric coupler (photosensitive triode, photocell input) and high speed photoelectric coupler (photosensitive diode with flag lamp disposal circuit or photosensitive integrated circuit input).

(6) by channel, dual channel and channel electrical coupler.

(7) according to the characteristics of rejection, it can be divided into ordinary rejection photoelectric coupler (the same ordinary optical rubber sealing is lower than 5000V, air sealing is lower than 2000V) and high-voltage rejection photoelectric coupler (it can be divided into 10kV, 30kV, etc.).