Patch led dead problem

A lot of times will appear LED light does not work, this is the problem that a lot of enterprises and individual units can encounter, this is what the industry says dead light phenomenon.

There are two reasons for this:

A: the LED may fail the PN node due to too much leakage, which makes the LED light not work.

This situation will hardly affect the work of the LED.

B: the internal wire of the LED light is disconnected. This is because there is no current cable to produce the dead light, which will affect the normal operation of other LED lights.

The reason is that LED lamps are usually connected in series or in parallel to adapt to different working voltages due to their low voltage. The more LED lamps in series, the greater the influence.

You should know that LED dead light is a quality and reliability will affect the product.

So how should avoid or reduce the grounding resistance test records, the grounding electric test was also once a year, or reflect the grounding resistance when there is a problem, but don't know the grounding resistance test this is a very important thing, every year up to four times (once every quarter test), some requests high space, grounding resistance test will be a month time.

This improves the quality and reliability of the product.

The following are some causes of the dead light:

Static electricity damages LED chip, making LED core PN effective.

These requests are recognized by people in the electronics industry, the key is whether the implementation of reality is in place, can be recorded.

According to the author knows common civilian battalion enterprise, prevent electrostatic pace to do not reach the limit actually, this is majority enterprise is checked less than

Static electricity is a monster of persecution. The world's electronic components destroyed by static electricity are countless, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of economic loss.

In order to avoid electrostatic damage to electronic components, is an important thing in the electronic industry, LED packaging, applications of the enterprise must not be careless.

Any one of the key problems, will form a violation of the LED, so that the LED function becomes bad and effective.

We know that the static electricity of human body (ESD) can reach three thousand volts, which is enough to break down the LED chip. In the LED packaging production line, whether the grounding resistance of each equipment conforms to the request is very important. As a common request, the grounding resistance is 4 ohms.