Led trends this year

Looking back at the year of 2018, many people are surprised or surprised by the mistakes and omissions of the whole year. Some people are secretly happy for the gap between the small spacing LED and the transparent screen, while others are surprised by the unexpected increase in the price of raw materials and the impact of environmental inspection on the normal production.

It is no exaggeration to say that small spacing and transparent screens are the focus of this year's LED display industry.

These two nascent segments had been the subject of much debate for several years, until this year's market fire brought admiration to the foresights of the industry pioneers.

Although small spacing and transparent screen this year the market fire.

You can't just say you can put it in and make money right away, because as long as there's an order, the market can meet the demand.

So what are the most in demand this year?

-- conventional straight plug LED display, with the progress of The Times.

Entering the 21st century, we have made consistent progress, that is, outdoor straight plug LED display.

It makes one wonder why demand is highest for a regular display.

Listen to small make up slowly.

The LED patch will gradually replace the straight LED.

Technology is changing!

Until now, direct-plug LED has occupied an unshakable position in outdoor LED display screen, and its application history has been more than 20 years.

From the original single-color and double-color LED display to the current full-color LED display, the direct-inserted LED display has made great contributions to the popularization and development of the entire LED display industry.

However, things are always changing and moving forward. With the continuous progress of science and technology in the industry, the development of SMD LED technology is becoming more and more mature. The advantages of SMD LED in the display industry are also widely accepted by practitioners.

After being widely used in the field of indoor LED display, with the improvement of patch LED brightness, uv resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof level, patch LED has developed from the indoor field to the outdoor field on a large scale.

Its potential and cannot close, short two years time has become the mainstream of the industry recognized.

Conventional upright LED display in recent years, because of the homogeneity, struggling in a price war mire and unable to extricate themselves, SMD leds water-bifurcation, arose, and large-scale rob door outside into the market, understand the outdoor is a leather into the life of LED display, the profits is a bit less than they are now but add field of many enterprises of small to SMD LED display screen, LED to most of the LED lamp bead encapsulation manufacturers started to stop understanding into the LED lamp bead production line, only a small number of packaging manufacturers on the market at present is still engaged in upright LED lamp bead encapsulation.

Outdoor LED table stick has been the trend, in many people's eyes, straight plug LED will enter the calendar

Now the era is advancing and the market for direct-plug LED displays is still going on for at least 50 years

But surprisingly, although many manufacturers have actively turned to the patch LED field, the demand for direct-plug LED displays has never stopped, not only in China.

And large-scale unused international emerging markets, said bottom, mainly in the field of industry a few years ago the conventional screen price war too bitter understanding, so that many vendors if continue in the field of conventional LED straight plaque unprofitable, will eventually endanger the enterprise survival, so a lot of profits for business and industry development trend in the future to break, exiting conventional upright LED display field.

In addition, most domestic display companies develop high-end markets such as Europe and the United States, which requires high product quality and relatively strong price tolerance, which also gives enterprises with LED display screen attached to the table more profit space and motivation.

However, the market of direct-plug LED display is after all a market that has been developed for more than 20 years, and a large number of market supporters have been cultivated imperceptibly over the years. The market of outdoor direct-plug LED display is not waiting to be taken.

And in some areas, direct-plug LED displays are not without their merits.

First of all, the price advantage is very obvious, which is the main reason why the LED display will not exit the market in the short term.

Price was and is always the key to the success or failure of competition.

LED display in the straight after the baptism of many rounds of price war.

It's not as profitable as it used to be and many companies have given up on it.

On the other hand, it also shows that the price has reached the bottom. For the end customers, they will squeeze out a lot of water in the middle, and the products they buy will be excellent quality and reasonable price, which is definitely a cheap thing.

For example, under the national One Belt And One Road strategy, countries along the One Belt And One Road are very sensitive to price factors despite the demand for display screen products due to their poor development foundation.

These countries are more receptive to conventional, direct-plug LED displays.

The development of production capacity cooperation with these countries is also more in line with China's national strategy of cutting capacity and reducing inventory. For example, in emerging markets such as Asia, Africa and Latin America, there is a strong demand for direct-plug LED conventional displays.

Domestic manufacturers of conventional direct-plug displays often fail to keep up with demand from customers in emerging markets abroad, often waiting a month or two to pick them up.

This was unthinkable in previous years.

It can be said that in 2017, some display manufacturers returned to the field of direct plug regular screen, some packaging manufacturers are also keenly aware of this trend, restart the production of direct plug LED beads.

The profit margins are slim.

But now China is still very much needed indispensable things, as long as there is demand, there is room for the development of enterprises, perhaps do not stand in the wind, enterprises can still get considerable development.