Folded patch LED composition and related knowledge

The LED module is composed of a module, silver module, chip, gold module and epoxy resin.

The light-emitting Diode, a semiconductor capable of converting electrical energy into Light energy, is Emitting Light from an electric field instead of the tribasic color powder emitted by an incandescent tungsten filament and an energy-saving lamp.

According to the analysis, the characteristics of LED are very obvious, not only long life and high light efficiency, but also low radiation and low power consumption.

The spectrum of white LED is almost entirely concentrated in the visible spectrum, and its luminous efficiency can exceed 150lm/W (2010).

Will be LED with the ordinary incandescent lamp, spiral energy-saving lamps and T5 trichromatic fluorescent lamps for comparison, the result shows: the ordinary incandescent light efficiency of 12 lm/W, it is the life span of less than 2000 hours, and the spiral energy-saving lamp luminous efficacy of 60 lm/W, its life is less than 8000 hours, and T5 fluorescent lamp is 96 lm/W, its life is about 10000 hours, and this 5 mm in diameter of the white LED lights in theory can be more than 150 lm/W, life can even be greater than 100000 hours.

It has also been predicted that the lifetime limit of future leds will be infinite.

With the improvement of LED cooling technology in recent years, high-power LED street lamps and projectors for outdoor lighting and other LED high-power lighting lamps have realized industrial production and begun to be widely used.

Stage lights and studio lights for indoor lighting with high requirements for color moderation and color rendering have also been mass produced and put into use.

T8, T5, T4, lamp tube and spiral bulb bulb replacing incandescent lamp and energy-saving lamp have been serialized, and their service life has reached up to 50,000 hours.

LED lighting has also entered a period of rapid development.

The brightness of the LED with the Angle of the LED light is there is a connection, if the Angle of the LED small its brightness is higher and higher, no bright not ultra bright, these are all cheat young children, if they are good quality LED, no matter which manufacturer production LED everyone the same brightness, just their production process is different, the service life is also slightly different, because everyone is using the abroad that several of the LED chip.

If it is 5 mm LED with an Angle of 180 degrees of white light the luminous intensity is only a few hundred MCD, if it is a 15 degree Angle of light intensity that is about to go to more than ten thousand twenty thousand MCD, light intensity differ dozens of times, if it is used for lighting, outdoors when it is best to use high power LED, brightness is higher, the single power 1 W, 3 W and 5 W, still have a plenty of using multiple combined into a high power LED high power LED, power to go to a few hundred W.