High - end patch LED luminescence research and development

Professional engaged in all kinds of medium and high-end patch LED LED research and development, consumption, sales and services of high-tech enterprises.

The company produces a wide variety of complete, mainly have a variety of specifications/brightness (red, yellow, green, orange, blue, white, purple, white)LED lamp beads, two-color LED lamp beads, full color, colorful LED lamp beads, backlight special patch LED, display screen special patch LED, infrared emitting tube, infrared receiving head, photosensitive tube, patch LED;

My company has direct plug, patch, piranha, high power packaging, etc.

In addition, we can also develop special LED bead products according to customers' request.

Production quality and technical indicators are up to the international standards and through ROHS environmental testing.

Widely used in all kinds of household appliances, digital, communications, automotive electronics, lighting, electronic toys, security monitoring, power management, instrumentation, traffic instructions, urban lighting projects and other related consumer enterprises.

1. Patch LED series: 0603,5050 and so on.

2. Direct insertion light-emitting diode: helmet type, straw hat type, oval type ultra-high brightness red, purple light, special light-emitting diode for mouse, etc.

3. Piranha series products: all kinds of specifications (flat head, multi-core) for LED module, LED car lamp, LED light bar and LED lamps, high-power lighting for red, yellow, orange, blue, green, white light, warm white light (monthly output 15kk-20kk).

4. High-power series: LED (can be customized according to customer power request).

5. Indicator led lamp beads can be customized with different styles.

Since the establishment of shenzhen shifuhui daewoo electronics co., LTD., through the unremitting efforts of all staff, it has developed into a production and marketing enterprise with ancient operation and management mode and ancient consumption scope.

For satisfying different needs of customers, we often grow engineering and technical strength, the introduction of advanced management technology and professional management experience into the consumption industry, for better collaboration with customers, understand the strict controls on the quality of my company, the full implementation of raw materials. Products. Quality inspection. Reliable product function test, etc., and positive progress staff quality and professional training and the customer set up excellent quality feed each other.

The company adheres to the operation goal of "pioneering and enterprising, seeking development, honest and pragmatic, focusing on profession", relies on weak technical strength, and USES perfect quality management system to fully satisfy customer needs.

After outstanding quality. Excellent service.

In line with the principle of "reciprocity and mutual benefit. Good faith cooperation.