Light-emitting diodes from domestic use

In our life, we have such a small light to form household products to bring us a lot of convenience in life, it looks like a small volume of light, it has another name is LED, why is it called LED, this has a great source.

It's made of gallium, arsenic, phosphorus, nitrogen and other chemicals, and it has other colors, red and yellow and blue and other colors, that we can bring into our lives from this tiny little light bulb.

What does it bring us? When we went to a big supermarket, we saw a big screen in the middle of the front door, with all kinds of advertisements, and we also had some creative lamps in our sleep.

Bring convenience to their children to study, and when we see some singers, dancers, and actors wrapped up in their award ceremony, the overhead lights on the stage shine on them.

To present their best works to those audiences, even if they are tired, they will never forget their determination to choose this industry in the first place.

In fact, a lot of times we see their surface revealed a strong face, but they treat their work, no matter how tired not hard, because in their hearts will have a dream of their own.

Now this topic areas, then let's look at the leds, leds when you look is a is a little light, not only has all the features of various kinds of color, but are these colors are mixed together, and there are some traffic signal "red yellow green" three kinds of color lamp, used to provide the owner pay attention to safety on public roads, lest produce traffic rules.

Even the sight of a car owner standing in the middle of the road in the strong sun, watching from afar, can make a difference in our lives.

We don't look down upon the volume a little leds, is a little thing, insist on durable when we take it to the production of various kinds of electronic products, so bring a lot of convenience to our side of the user, and we have used the product using a fuel oil lamp, such as an oil lamp in our modern life was gone, and such items we have already put it in the museum to the generation of people to watch, let us learn the s they used items.