Time is always so short

Time to time in our hearts forever so brief, sleep wake up every day to find time so elusive in the past, whenever we meet in the holidays, we've been accompanied me back to that gave me a happy family, heart nostalgia that moment in the days of together a family happy with that kind of feeling really good, when we see sitting composed of light-emitting diode production under the light of the one who bring us to the parents of the world, they use their toil and raised us, however, they have the process of ageing.

Even when we grow up, we will never forget such full memories. We have grown up in the blink of an eye when we go back in time. We have our own jobs and dreams, and the colleagues who accompany us to work together.

When we run for our own cause again, even if there are difficulties in the road, we will rely on a strong will to constantly strive, constantly strive to adhere to overcome the difficulties from the various.

World is big society is in constant change and development, there are a lot of things we have to personally experience it all, even in the human life passed quickly, but we have a dream in our heart, when we either stay in a light-emitting diode lamps, or under a light emitting diode is acted the role of work life, but we will still change and change their own ability, change their that youth is no longer a naughty boy, but a mature and successful people.

Life to continue, social science and technology and in the world cannot understand the feelings of changing a interpersonal communication and sincere attitude to do every favorite thing you should do yourself, there are a lot of things if not complete, and we also the way we were constantly efforts, this is we have the same determination.

Time time how I wish you could stay in that moment, because at that moment we all have too many memories.

In any era, what we want to do at this moment is to make the things around us better.

At the same time, when we are not busy at work, we often go home to accompany our parents. At this moment, their hair is already gray, and we seldom accompany them. In many cases, we often think that we will communicate by telephone.

Once the era of our parents always let us worry, in their hearts we are always around the parents of the noisy children, but these are just a good memory between each of us.