What are the main application fields of domestic LED?

In addition to a large number of domestic LED for a variety of electrical appliances and devices, instrumentation, equipment display occasions, mainly focused on the following applications.

(1) large, medium and small LED displays: indoor and outdoor billboards, stadium scoreboard, information display, etc.

(2) traffic lights: urban traffic lights, expressway, railway and airport lights in major cities and middle cities in China.

(3) light and color lighting: outdoor landscape lighting and interior decoration lighting.

(4) special general lighting: portable lighting (flashlight, headlamp), low-illumination lighting (corridor light, door light, family light), reading lighting (reading light for plane, train and car), microscope light, camera flash, desk lamp and street lamp.

(5) safety lighting: mine lamp, explosion-proof lamp, emergency lamp, safety indicator lamp.

(6) special lighting: military lighting (no infrared radiation), medical operation light (no heat radiation), medical treatment light, special lighting for crops and flowers.

From the perspective of the current LED application market in China, the display screen, construction industry and traffic light industry together account for 56% of the market. The total volume of these LED markets is growing fast, but the LED market is relatively dispersed and the technical standards are not uniform.

The combined use of small size backlights in cars is only 7%.

Some analysts believe that, on the whole, the domestic market is huge, and the main market of LED in the future is the general lighting market, which has a large market capacity. However, because the terminal consumer market is scattered and it is not easy to form a monopoly, LED enterprises have a very broad living space in China.

Patch led manufacturers in China will also have a good development.